Don’t Sabotage Yourself!

Stop comparing yourself to other people.  Why?  Because you don’t want what other people want.  You want what you want.  This is important to remember.  Where you progress in life is where you choose to invest your energy.  I enjoy traveling, so I may make sacrifices elsewhere to be able to do that.

Let’s explore what happens when we compare ourselves to others?

  • We find faults above and beyond our everyday insecurities.
  • We find faults in others.
  • We may lose motivation and that may prolong us from working on our own goals.
  • We may spend time ruminating about things that make us uncomfortable/sad.

Here are some better ways to spend our energy.

  • Remain mindful! Focus on your present state and present moment.  Acknowledge all the good happening right now.
  • Accept yourself and your position in life.
  • Set goals that work for you.
  • Unfollow people that make you question yourself on social media.
  • Participate in positive self-talk.
  • Learn to love your past, it brought you here.
  • Understand that you are not perfect, no one is. Not even those fake social media accounts.  It is easy to admire people that only display their best days.

Let’s keep it moving!

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