Fleeting Motivation?

What to do when your motivation becomes fleeting?!   It can be so problematic to remain engaged and focused especially in times of stress.  I thought posting a few tips might be beneficial.

Use Meditation to Keep Stress at a Minimum.  Meditation is practiced in mindfulness, it allows the individual control over their stream of consciousness.    Most stress is caused by anxiety related to factors that we can not control.  If we can turn out thoughts that bring about our own anxiety/unhappiness, our thoughts become less distracting.  Eckhart Tolle wrote a book titled, “The Power of Now”, some of you may find this helpful.

Engage in a Routine.  Always schedule time to work toward your goal.  Remaining motivated in your personal business (whatever it might be), should be as important as your job.  Schedule it in your life.  Follow the same pattern every single time!

Experience FLOW.  Flow is a concept coined by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi.  Basically this concept suggests that the task you are engaging must been on the peak of your abilities.  If the task is easy, you will become bored.  The task must be just challenging enough to intrinsically motivate you without becoming frustrating.  As you are pushing through the challenge, the completion of small goals becomes not only your reward, but your continued motivation.

Break Down Goals.  You need to make sure that your are able to keep whatever you are working on measureable.  That way you are able to see progress.  Again this will spark your intrinsic motivation.

Your Brain Will Continue to Give You Ideas.  This is both a gift and a course.  Write them all down in a notepad and attempt to stay on track.  I have more ideas than I can achieve in a lifetime.  My brain will not quit.  Complete one thing at a time, do not let your brain attempt to overwhelm you.

Have Creative Outlets.  Exploring creativity changes the way you think.  It allows for your mind to open and look at challenges differently.  My best ideas come to me when I’m doing something creative.

Keep it Movin!


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