Review: Apple Watch (2nd Generation)

The first thing you should know is that I have never been an Apple product user.  Never!  However, the Samsung watches were not cutting it for me.  In my case, I needed something both sleek and easy to use.  I work in a hospital setting so I’m not able to easily pull my phone out and check messages.  I also have three children that I run after constantly.  I don’t care to hull my phone around.  I’m still able to play with them and communicate with my partner regarding any plans we may have.  The fact that the 2nd generation Apple Watch is water resistant is a huge bonus especially since we engage in all sorts of water sports during the summer time.

Transitioning from an Android phone to an iPhone was difficult and frustrating at times.  The software is pretty simple to use, however it is limiting.  It took me about a month to get comfortable with it. Andre put me on his Apple Music plan and that has been a game changer.  He likes to make sure I have access to all my favorite music.

Anyhow, I’m enjoying my I watch, how about you?  What have your experiences been like?

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