Review: The Flame in the Flood

Let’s switch gears and discuss video games.  If you are anything like me, you could not wait for computer lab during school so you could indulge in the simple game of Oregon Trail and enjoy.  If you have not idea what Oregon Trail is, it is a survival game.  You get to pack a wagon, trade, hunt, and overcome cold and illness.  I was extremely happy to see that a similar game was released on Xbox One.  It is called “The Flame in the Flood” and was developed by The Molasses Flood (@molassesflood) in 2016.

I am not usually a person that spends a lot of time engaging in video games, however this one grabbed my attention.  It is challenging and allows the player to strategize while utilizing critical thinking skills.  There are a number of possible achievements to engage in and the map/items available on the islands are random.

There are a few bugs during play.  Some of the achievements do not work correctly and there are a few glitches the programmers need to work out.  Due to specific islands being random, it can be frustrating when you are unable to obtain the equipment necessary.  Then again, that is what makes it challenging.

I’m definitely going to keep playing this one.  Here is a clip of Andre and I taking down a bear!

UPDATE: I’m getting better at bear hunting!

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