Respect the Process and Shit is Subjective

Every now and again, Andre puts on Gary Vaynerchuk to basically give me a kick in the ass.  It’s clever on Andre’s part because the message is inspiring.  Part of the message of this particular talk was “respect the process.”  He also recommended documenting the process.  The process sucks and it is hard.  We are in the process of purchasing a home and I forgot how frustrating this process is.  It’s been two months and we have lost a house to cash deal and have been going round and round with another seller attempting to make a deal.  We have a large family, so we need at least a 4 bedroom home.  Most homes are 3 bedrooms, so finding a our perfect home has been a chore.  We will be submitting another offer this afternoon.  Andre is describing himself as a gladiator and is planning on making this deal one way or another!  He is my gladiator : )  Fingers crossed.

The blog has been doing wonderful and I very much enjoy this outlet.  I am happy to have the opportunity to share my life as a mom and also exchange recreation therapy ideas.  I will start our store soon.  We tested it for a weekend and took it back down.  I was riding an emotional roller coaster due to this housing market.  I did not have the energy to promote it.  Once I get my life sorted out, I will be putting out some good work.  I have made quite a few shirt designs that I think all of you will like.

We spoke a little about the process, so lets chat about the rest of the title, “Shit is Subjective.”  Gary was discussing content via social media.  The basis of the talk was, not everything you put out needs to be some pristine master piece.  Just put it out!  Besides, “Shit is Subjective.”

Looks like we all have some work to do : )

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