How to Hang a Bat House

We have moving into a country setting and have acreage.  April showers brought more than flowers.  It has brought an absurd amount of mosquitoes.  No one wants to be chilling out on the deck while sipping a drink….swatting mosquitoes.  After a bit of researching, we have decided to use a bat house.  Here is a link to the house on amazon we purchased,

There are a few things you need to know to be successful when hanging a bat house!

  • It must be 12 to 15 feet off of the ground.  The higher the better.  When a bat takes flight, It needs to drop a few feet to do so.
  • It should face south, southeast or southwest.
  • The house needs to be in the sun.  Bats enjoy the warmth.
  • The bat house should be away from light sources.
  • Have a light source on your property to attract insects.
  • A bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes in an hour.
  • Bats are more comfortable with a house that is on a building or pole rather than a tree due to predetators.
    • Please note, bats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter.  To avoid bats in your attic or garage, make sure all entry points are sealed.
    • If you are going to put the bat house on a tree, make sure the trim the branches underneath because bats need to drop to take flight.
  • Bats need a water source they can glide over to drink.
  • There are bat attractants that you can purchase on amazon.  Use this link,
  • Be patient, bats will come!

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