Hey Mama, You’re Beautiful!

Hi Moms and Dads!  When we are busy running children from here to there and organizing games/activities, we sometimes get lost.  Not is a physical sense, but a psychological one.  We forget that we are important because our lives become one of self-sacrifice.  If we are running on empty, what are we able to give.  Most of my life is spent giving, which is fantastic, but I have learned to self-indulge and do more things I enjoy.  Like write this article : )

What is self-esteem?  Self-esteem can be defined as our own subjective evaluation of our own worth.  Note the word subjective.  Often subject to change at any given time/circumstance.  Monitoring our self-worth is important because it often motivates us to do progressive things.  If you are anything like myself, you may find yourself getting bored easily.  This is something I routinely struggle with.  However, if I can focus and have the confidence to pursue progressive tasks, I’m able to accomplish productive things.  This feeling of accomplishment then becomes a reward and prompts me to continue and improve.  I’m slowly getting this process started, try it with me!

Here are a few steps to get us started:

  1. What your goals? Take a moment to break them down into smaller, obtainable steps.
    • Now, try to put them into a timeline. It’s okay if you don’t meet them, let’s just see what it might look like.
  2. Positive self-talk/mantras. “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me” Stuart Smalley.
    • Well, this is mostly true.  Some people don’t like me, but who cares.
  3. Exercise and eat healthy. Do it.
  4. Do the things you enjoy! Get the mani/pedi, get your hair done, buy whatever new outfit you like.
    • “Dress for the job you want”, I’m not sure who said that, but someone did.
  5. Celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments.
  6. Don’t drink too much! I’m serious.
  7. Stop being critical of yourself.
  8. Stop accepting shitty behavior from others and stop talking about them.
  9. Learn to accept compliments. I hate them too, let’s get over that together.
  10. Surround yourself with supportive people that love you.

Alright people, Let’s get to it!

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Mental Health Professional, Mother of Three, Makeup Enthusiast, Board Game Connoisseur, Adventurer, Food Fanatic and Owner of Blog Space: LilyAndTheTwins.com.