Review: City Lips

I wanted to take a moment to discuss a product that my friend recommended to me.  It is called City Lips and it is a lip plumping serum that contains ogliopeptide technology and celdrol.  This product does as it indicates.  It visibly smooths your lips and plumps them up.

I was able to purchase to product for about $25.00.  It comes clear or tinted.  I decided to purchase the clear.  When you put on the clear it tingles and feels a little “sticky”. It does have a odor that it noticeable at first, however it dissipates quickly.  Minutes after applying the clear serum, I noticed a visible difference.  I used my own lip color and applied over the clear City Lips serum.  The application for lipstick over the serum takes care of the “sticky” feeling.  While searching for the product, I found it listed for various prices.  I feel that $25.00 is a fair price for the product.  I do not use this product daily because I do not choose to wear makeup daily.  City Lips states that with continued consistent use, it will have lasting effects.  I can’t speak to that, however I am happy wearing it under my lipstick.

Give it a try, Let me know what you think!


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