Review: My Favorite Tri-Fold Mirror!

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to review a product that I use everyday.  It is a lighted tri-fold mirror by DeWEISN.  I purchased this mirror on amazon in December of 2017.  It provides great lighting, rotates, has smaller 2x and 3x magnification mirrors and is able to power directly from a usb, foregoing batteries.

I have three children and I love to sleep.  It is enough just getting them up and ready in the morning, so I don’t really do anything besides necessities before I’m out the door.  The lighting in my office is 100% terrible and this is where I end up freshening up before I see patients.  I at least need to look AWAKE and not as though I have been battling twin toddlers.

While I’m listening to a quick report on hospital happenings and catching up with my staff, I pull this mirror out and FIX MY FACE.  Give it a try and let me know what you think : )  Click the link to check it out!



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